March Madness Prop Bets

March Madness Prop Bets
After a thrilling Superbowl weekend, the thought crossed my mind, why don’t other sports offer more prop bets, particularly college basketball’s March Madness?  There are a lot of similarities.  Often times your team is not the one competing so another reason to root for something can be refreshing.  Sure, there is the argument that it is an amateur sport, and we shouldn’t be betting on kids, and the fear that some player may exploit it for profit.  However, how fun would it be to have readily available prop bets for March Madness?  You are throwing money down in your office pool, but once the opening weekend is done and you are all but eliminated wouldn’t it be fun to double down and have a little more action?  March Madness prop bets could be just the ticket.

Lets take a look at some possible examples:

What will be higher throughout March Madness?
+150 Grayson Allen Trips
-200 12 seed vs 5 seed upsets

Number of schools names mispronounced in the opening round?
-300 Over 2.5
+200 Under 1.5

Will Donald Trump fill out a bracket?
– 700 No
+500 Yes

Number of games decided by one point throughout March Madness?
– 110 Over 3.5
– 110 Under 3.5

Which conference will have more wins?
Pac 12  2/1
Big 10  3/2
WCC    2/1

Will the National Champion be a repeat winner?
– 200 Yes
+ 150 No

Will a 16 seed knock off a 1 seed?
Yes  20/1
No   1/20

What will be higher?
The number of games Gonzaga wins
The number of Kentucky players who declare for the draft

Other common types of March Madness prop bets are which seed will end up winning the tournament?  Or how many 1 seeds will reach the Final Four?  However, I particularly enjoy the offbeat comparisons style bets.  A would you rather of atypical scenarios, such as the Gonzaga example above.

So sure, you can find some prop bets in your favorite offshore casino.  However I would like to see a little more variety of prop bets come March in Las Vegas.  While to most, 68 teams competing for one title is probably more than enough action to bet on, some times you want to put a few bucks down on something stupid and have a little fun.  Whats the harm in that?   Any interesting prop bets you would like to see?


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